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Foster to Adopt in Siskiyou County

Dedicated to helping change lives by providing a safe place for children to heal in a culture of love, acceptance, and consistency.

Foster to Adopt in Siskiyou County

Foster Care and Parenting Siskiyou County | At Children First Foster Family Agency it is our mission to pair healthy, financially stable, and caring families with children who need a foster care home in Siskiyou County. To ensure that a child’s best interests are always being met, we require all applicants to be fully dedicated to foster parenting and all that it entails.

Foster to Adopt in Siskiyou County becomes a life-changing experience for many who open up their time, homes, and hearts to foster care children who require a little extra encouragement and attention. For any and all children that are placed in your safe, supportive, and loving foster care home, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the outcome of their future.

For those unfortunate times when reunification with a child and their birth family does not turn out to be the end result, foster adoption becomes a priority so that the child may still acquire a lasting family connection. For those with dreams of adopting a child truly in need, foster parenting is most certainly a great first step in that direction.

Children First Foster Family Agency needs foster care families for children of all ages and backgrounds and would like to hear from those interested in foster parenting as well as answer any questions you may have about the possibility of Foster Care and Parenting Siskiyou County. Contact us today for more detailed information.

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Just considering becoming a resource parent is a big step. You will have many more questions before you make a final decision.
Please contact the office closest to you and we will answer your questions to help you make the right decision about becoming a resource parent.

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Foster Care FAQs

What is foster care?2020-05-20T23:52:27+00:00

Foster care is a temporary placement of children and youth with families outside of their own home due to child abuse or neglect. The goal is to provide a safe, stable, and nurturing environment for the child until such time as they can safely return to their home.

How can I become a resource parent?2020-05-20T23:52:27+00:00

There are just a few universal requirements to become a resource parent:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Criminal background check
  • Family stability
  • Character references
  • Regular source of income
  • Home safety inspection
  • Family evaluation
How long does a child stay in the resource home?2020-05-20T23:52:27+00:00

Depending on the circumstances, a child may be placed in a resource home for one day or for several months to several years. Placement is for as long as it takes to achieve a permanent placement for the child, whether the plan is for reunification with the child’s family, placement with relatives, or adoption.

What type of support do resource parents receive?2020-05-20T23:52:27+00:00

Each family or child is assigned a case manager who is responsible for providing support to the resource family. Supportive services (respite care, training, crisis lines, counseling, etc.) are provided by the agency.

Is financial assistance available?2020-05-20T23:52:27+00:00

Resource parents receive a monthly reimbursement that helps cover the cost of food, clothing, and other basic needs of children and youth in care. MediCal covers the cost of medical, dental, and counseling services for children and youth in care.

Will I be able to specify the age and gender of the child I want to care for?2020-05-20T23:52:27+00:00

Yes. Families are needed for children and youth from newborn to 18. You can specify the age and gender of the child in your care as is appropriate for your family, and you always reserve the right to decline the placement of a child in your home.

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