Looking to make a difference?
Respite Care is a first step toward becoming a resource parent.

Short Term Respite Care

Respite care provides nurturing adults the opportunity to care for children without the daily commitment foster parenting requires. Respite Care Providers serve foster children who are in need of care for short periods of time when foster families occasionally require alternate care for the foster children in their homes. Respite care provides an excellent opportunity to build lasting relationships with children and other care providers, and gain knowledge and experience of the foster care world while providing a direct service to the children in our community.

The average respite length is

2-3 days

Respite can last anywhere from a single day up to 14 days.

Respite is provided on an as needed basis for resource parents. ISFC Resource Parents receive respite 2 days each month.

Respite Care


“Respite care is a great way to help a child and other foster families. We have also found it is a great way to meet kids and to get to know a bit about them, it has introduced more cultural diversity to our home, and has aided us in teaching our biological children to be more tolerant and understanding of a wider range of backgrounds. Afterwards, if the FFA calls looking for a longer term placement of a child that we have had as a respite we can make a more informed decision as in regards to if they will be a good match with our home and family.” D. and A., Foster Parents

We’re Here to Help
If you are considering becoming a Resource Parent, Respite Care is an excellent opportunity to truly understand the value and difference YOU can make in someone’s life.
The willingness and compassion to help for a day can last a lifetime for a child.

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