Hear from our families why they recommend
Children First Foster Family Agency

“My husband and I have worked with children for many years in child care and foster care. Children First Foster Family Agency with emphasis on “family” is a wonderful agency who takes their parents in and treats them like one of their own. The children are the top priority and seeing that the child’s needs are met, be it counseling, family visitation, transportation, doctor appointments and all of the daily requirements needed to help the children grow, strive and become successful members of society. Children First also follows the children after becoming adults, with another program that ensures they will be successful after aging out of Foster Care. I have found for myself, when I am in need, that I can depend on my Social Worker [Barbara], to help with the issues and working through until the issues are complete and solved and if my Social Worker [Barbara] is not available at the time, there are many more qualified workers to step in and save the day. This agency has my top vote!”

“Foster parenting is an amazing journey. It can be the most rewarding experience of your life and then sometimes it can be overwhelmingly stressful and traumatic. So many of the children we serve have suffered such significant trauma that no matter how much experience, skill and education you have raising kids, you may still need some help to figure out how best to meet that child’s needs.  That’s where we were.  An experienced foster home with a great track record of helping and reunifying children in the system. We thought we could handle most challenges. Then we got a child who had so many bad things happen to him he couldn’t cope, didn’t appear to want to cope and seemed incapable of change. We struggled to relate to him as did our other children and extended family. No matter how hard we tried we just weren’t getting anywhere and he was not improving.   He became an [ISFC] child and we were trained as an [ISFC] home.  It was a Godsend! The [ISFC] program is a great resource for our whole family! The extra training continues to enhance our ability to understand our child’s unique challenges and develop ways to help him while supporting the whole family.  We are still in the midst of this journey but we no longer feel that we are in it alone.

“Respite care is a great way to help a child and other foster families. We have also found it is a great way to meet kids and to get to know a bit about them, it has introduced more cultural diversity to our home, and has aided us in teaching our biological children to be more tolerant and understanding of a wider range of backgrounds. Afterwards, if the FFA calls looking for a longer term placement of a child that we have had as a respite we can make a more informed decision as in regards to if they will be a good match with our home and family.”

“As struggling foster youth we all look for a program such as Children First, something or someone to give us a hand in managing our lives. My social worker, Barbara Davis, not only helps me succeed, but also supports and counsels me in life’s everyday big decisions. I can rely on her for help or just good advice when things get tough. Children First changed my life, they help me make the great decisions to bring me to where I am today and I couldn’t be happier. Words can’t describe my gratitude for THP Plus for allowing me to participate in this awesome program. Even the staff.  I appreciate the positive vibes I feel when I walk in the Children First office; the staff are warm and they welcome you with a bright smile. This program and everyone who runs it are a true blessing.”

“My wife and I got involved with foster care nearly four years ago. We started down this path because we had a strong desire to adopt children. Our first taste of foster care occurred under some weekend respites, which were actually fun to do. Most of our placements were sibling groups, which were rather difficult, yet enjoyable. We were able to help potty train several kids, teach them, feed them, nurture them, and reach several life milestones together. Transitioning and preparing you for a child going back is horribly hard to endure, but it is part of the experience one may encounter while doing foster care. I remember taking some of the children on walks through the woods and their faces lit up when they saw everything around them. We also really enjoyed going to the movies with them, and watching them try new foods at different restaurants, going to a park to play, and reading to them at night. We are currently in a plan of adoption with a child we have had since 1 day old. My wife and I routinely receive support from our social worker, Barbara Davis, as well as the pastor from church.”

“We got a lot of support from the visit supervisors, social workers, and the foster parents. It made me feel like I mattered and that I wasn’t going to be just another statistic.”

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