Foster Care Programs | The Benefits of Weighted Blankets


Foster Care Programs | Weighted blankets have grown in popularity in recent years. They are widely used by people who suffer from anxiety or have sleep disorders. Weighted blankets are also recommended for children in the foster care program (resource program) to help with issues that may arise due to their traumatic past. Here are 3 ways a weighted blanket can help foster children:

Provide Comfort

Children in the foster care program (resource program) usually require extra items of comfort to help them adjust to their foster home. A weighted blanket can help to provide comfort in that it is something that is soft and cuddly that can be snuggled with. Many foster children experience issues of anxiety during nap or bedtimes and a dedicated weighted blanket that was purchased just for them will help to provide comfort and security.

Feels like A Hug

A weighted blanket is specially designed to include weights that are sewn into pockets of the fabric. Most weighted blankets include a grid-like design so that the weights are evenly distributed. The weight of the blanket itself correlates to the weight of the child so that the weight is never too heavy. The physical heaviness of the blanket helps to ground children in feeling pressure of the weight on top of them. This doesn’t hurt them but provides a level of security that helps to relieve nervous behavior. Many children who use weighted blankets refer to them as feeling like a hug which helps to combat anxiety.

Provides Shelter

You may be surprised at how heavy a weighted blanket feels. Even smaller blankets that are just a few pounds can feel drastically heavy. It is important to order the correct weight for the child who will be using the weighted blanket. Having a covering of a weighted blanket provides a level of protection for children in the foster care program (resource program). To a foster child, a weighted blanket can feel like a shelter of security during a very uncertain time in their life. Covering up from the world with a weighted blanket can drastically improve the sleep habits and overall anxiety of a foster child.

Weighted blankets can be expensive but they are well worth the cost when it comes to providing children in the foster care program (resource program) safety and security. They provide comfort, shelter, and also help to mimic a hug to children who need a little bit of extra attention. Contact Children First Foster Family Agency for suggestions on where to purchase a weighted blanket for your foster child today.

Author: Children First FFA

Published: September 28, 2018

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