Foster Care Programs | 5 Myths About Foster Children


Foster Care Programs | Many stigmas follow children that are placed in foster care. Many people have preconceived notions that are often untrue. Foster children are often lumped into categories mostly because of stereotypes that they have developed over time. Here are 5 myths that foster children often carry unjustly.


All Foster Children Are Troubled

While it is true that many foster children have suffered extreme and sometimes bad home lives, not all foster children have been in trouble or have juvenile records. Many children are simply in foster care because of family deaths or parents that are unable to care for them.


All Foster Children Are Anti-social

There is a belief that foster children are loners and do not deal well with other children. While some foster children are may be reserved because of their previous treatment, this does not mean that they do not want friends or companionship.


You Can’t Trust Foster Children

Another common misconception is that you cannot trust foster children. Foster children often get lumped together as untrustworthy or thieves. This is completely unfair and anyone who understands the foster care program knows that you cannot put all children into one category.


Foster Children Aren’t Open To Love

Just because foster children may have been let down by adults in the past does not mean that they do not want to love and care for people in their lives. Often foster children just need someone to show them some compassion, so that they can express their feelings.


Foster Children Aren’t Appreciative

Some people think that because of the conditions that they were raised in, foster children are not appreciative. This is often the very opposite of the truth. Many foster children have lived through such poor conditions that they appreciate even the little things so much more.


Foster care programs are a great way to learn more about foster parenting and learning how you can make an impact in the lives of children. One great foster care program is Children First FFA. This foster care program will help you learn about foster parenting and prepare you during each step of the process.


Author: Children First FFA

Published: February 19, 2019

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