The transition from childhood to adulthood is rarely a smooth one. That is true for people from any background, as there is simply a lot to learn and a lot to do as you attempt to become self-sufficient. Even if you have the benefit of a stable family and financial resources, you still may struggle to get on your feet after becoming an adult. Transitional housing in Placer County is a program designed specifically to help former foster youth make this difficult adjustment once they pass their 18th birthday. Supporting this program is a great way to help at-risk young adults get started on their own in a positive manner.

An Outcome to Avoid

The primary concern when a foster child turns 18 and ages out of the system is that he or she will become homeless shortly after leaving foster care. This is a big concern because it is notoriously difficult to get back on your feet after becoming homeless. Once an individual is in that situation, it’s hard to ever get out. So, transitional housing in Placer County is critical because it can keep former foster kids off the streets as they work to find jobs and add to their education. By offering secure housing and other services, this program plays a vital role in the overall success of the foster care system.

Charting a New Path

As children, those in the foster system don’t have much control over their situation. Without a stable family life at home, they are often moved from house to house over a period of many years. This is obviously a difficult time, and the toll it can take on the emotions of a child is significant. So, one of the best things about transitional housing in Placer County is the way it puts control into the hands of these young people for the first time. They will have a place to live and the opportunity to make decisions that can hopefully point them on a good path for the years to come.

If you are eligible for the transitional housing program and interested in learning more, apply now. If you want to become a mentor for the young adults in the THP program, contact Children First FFA.

Children First FFA is a private, non-profit organization in Northern California that is dedicated to helping change lives by providing a safe place for children to heal in a culture of love, acceptance, and consistency.

Author: Children First FFA

Published: November 15, 2020

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