You may have heard about transitional housing in CA but didn’t understand what the program is about. This type of housing refers to a bridge program for children that have aged out of the foster care system but may not have the skills necessary to live on their own. When children turn 18 they graduate from the foster care system and are considered adults. Unfortunately, many of these young adults do not have a place to live or a job. Some do not even have a high school diploma to help them get a job.

Transitional Housing in CA helps give these young adults the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the world. Here are some of the ways that the transitional housing program plus (THP Plus) helps these struggling young adults.


The housing program will help struggling young adults to understand the importance of a quality education. The program will provide resources so that they can earn their high school diploma and possibly even further educational paths.

Stable Housing

Transitional housing in CA helps to provide a stable home for these young adults that may not have anywhere else to go. Having reliable housing will allow these young adults to focus on their education and finding a steady job.


Another way that the transitional housing program helps young adults is to help them find employment. Many of these young adults lack skills or training for how to apply or interview for a job. The program will help with this so that they can learn to live on their own.

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Author: Children First FFA

Published: May 13, 2019

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