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4 Huge Advantages to Adopting Locally

Two Local Boys Playing in a CornfieldNow that you’ve decided to adopt, the next question is whether to adopt a child locally, domestically, or internationally. There are children everywhere that need homes, but there are a few benefits to adopting one (or several) from your local area through foster care adoption.

The child can stay in his home area.

With all the other changes going on in the child’s life, it’s very helpful to have have at least one area of continuity. If the child is able to stay in an area with familiar places and faces that are attached to positive memories, the child will be able to adjust much faster.

If you can remember back to your own growing up years, you may remember how important it was to you to stay in the same school with your friends. The process of switching schools can be traumatic for a child. If they’re able to keep the friendships (beneficial ones, of course) that they’ve established in their current school, it can help them them through the transition.

The child can still connect with his/her birth family.

In foster care adoption, the child is usually still in the same general area as his or her birth family. This means they can stay in contact with favorite birth family members, previous foster parents, or other people who have been significant in their lives. There are many reasons why children are taken from birth parents. While there are situations where contact with certain family members should be avoided or limited, there are usually other family members who have positive influences.

Most adoptive children want to find and connect with their birth families. This is normal and can be facilitated more easily if they live in the same area. Encourage your child with healthy connections to his or her roots.

You have more access to the child’s history.

Knowing and understanding your child’s history are key in the process of making them a part of your family. You’ll want to know about the challenges they’ve already faced and the challenges they may face, as well as the positive qualities of their family history. Perhaps the mother was a talented artist or the father was good at football.

Additionally, you’ll probably have access to more practical details, such as the child’s medical history. Perhaps you’ll even be able to take the child to the same doctor, dentist, or therapist that has helped him or her before.

The cost is drastically less.

Face it. An international adoption is expensive. So is a private domestic adoption. Private domestic adoptions can cost up to $35,000 and international adoptions can cost up to $50,000. The absolute lowest amount you can expect to dish out in either scenario is $10,000. Fortunately, there’s another option for families who don’t have that kind of cash laying around.

Foster care adoption can be accomplished for next to nothing. That’s because there are often county, state, and federal credits, benefits, and reimbursements to cover costs. It all depends on what you and your child qualify for.

Adoption is a noble choice. Adopting locally through foster care adoption is a beneficial and practical choice. Why not give a local child the opportunity to experience a better life while maintaining valued connections and experiences?

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