Foster Care for Teens | As a resource parent, you can face many challenging situations. Of course, helping children in difficult situations keep their life on track is probably what attracted you to be a resource parent in the first place. Providing foster care for teens can be particularly tough, but exceptionally rewarding, as well. If you can make an impact in the life of a teen, you will be improving the odds that the child will go on to have a successful adult life. 

Stability First and Foremost

The teenage years are challenging even for children with stable family homes. With foster care for teens, that stability is missing, making these years even more difficult. As a resource parent caring for a teenager, providing stability is your primary objective. If the teen can count on their home life to be a source of positivity and support, the rest of their life will start to seem a little easier. 

Charting a Path Forward

One of the things that makes the teenage years so difficult is the fact that adulthood is fast approaching. When providing foster care for teens, a resource parent can help the child determine if they will be trying to go to college, or what step may be next after their 18th birthday. Having a plan for the future makes the present far more manageable, and it can keep the child on track in terms of high school graduation. 

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Author: Children First FFA

Published: November 3, 2019

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