How Foster Parents Can Create A Welcoming Home Environment

Foster parenting can be both rewarding and stressful as you attempt to provide a quality living environment for your foster children. Many foster children have been through some poor living situations in the past. It is important to make their current living experience as safe and inviting as possible. Here are some tools to help make your home environment welcoming for your foster children.


Maintain a Clean Home

A child that has been removed from their home and placed in a foster home is no doubt dealing with a lot of emotions. If your home is full of clutter and not properly cleaned, it can add unneeded stress to your child. Having an organized house can subconsciously ease stress and promote healthy living.


Promote Age Appropriate Activities

To better bond with your foster child, you should make attempts to find out what activities your child is interested in. If your foster child is a toddler, you may be playing with blocks and finger painting. If you child is a teenager, you may be playing basketball or programming computers. Whatever the activity, you need to meet them on their level and be supportive.


Provide Personal Space

Foster parenting also means that you know when your foster child needs some alone time. Providing your foster child with their own bedroom or at least a space is especially necessary with age. A baby or toddler may not require much alone time, but a pre-teen or teenager will no doubt have a lot of emotions that they are trying to work through. Giving your foster child their own space in your home will help them feel more included as a part of your family.

Providing a quality home life is essential when foster parenting. Children being sent to foster homes often lack stability and order. Being able to provide this for your foster child is a big step towards improving their lives. For more information about foster parenting, you should contact Children First Foster Family Agency.

Author: Children First FFA

Published: December 13, 2018

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