Foster Parenting | Defining Success/Failure As A Foster Parent


Foster Parenting | Anyone who has ever been involved in a foster care program knows that it can be a very tumultuous process. This is not to say that it is not very rewarding and a great decision. It just means that foster care can be full of ups and downs. This is why it makes it very difficult to determine success as a foster parent. Some may say that not being able to reach a child is a failure. However, this is not always a fair statement. There are times when you, as a foster parent, have taken steps to better a child but things have just not worked out.


Defining success is ultimately up to the individual foster parents but there are some defining traits that most would agree equate to success. Here are some of the ways that foster parents define success.


Improved Grades

Many foster children have hard home lives that often translate to the classroom. As a foster parent, promoting education and helping their children improve with their academics is a huge success.


Improved Social Life

Another area that a foster parent wants to promote to their children is having a good set of friends. Foster parents want their children to have positive friends that can help keep them on the right path. Helping their foster children make friends that are positive role models can be considered a huge success in foster parenting.


Involvement In Extra Curricular Activities

As a foster parent another thing you want to do is try to get your children involved in extra curricular activities. Activities such as sports, student council and theater are good ways to keep your foster children involved. By being involved in these activities, it keeps children doing something constructive with their free time.


Success as a foster parent is very subjective but should be judged by smaller goals such as improved grades, improved social life and involvement. A successful foster parent is always willing to keep trying and give their best effort. To learn more about foster parenting you can contact Children First FFA. They can provide you with the tools to be the best foster parent you can be.


Author: Children First FFA

Published: February 19, 2019

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