What Play Therapy Is And How It Helps Foster Children


Foster Parenting | Most, if not all, foster children will need therapy at some point in their life. The process of being in foster care programs (resource programs) can bring many struggles for children that need to be addressed. Many therapists now offer Play Therapy for younger children which allow them to play with children while also talking to them in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are 3 ways that Play Therapy can greatly help children in foster care programs (resource programs):

It’s Play Time, Not Therapy

Most children who go to Play Therapy don’t even realize what the true goal of a session is. They think that they are getting to play with an approachable adult and will focus on the play rather than what the therapist is learning by watching and playing along with them. For children, this is an easy and comfortable way to get them talking about big issues under the veil of fun playtime that is reserved just for them.

Trained Professional to Talk To

Let’s face it. Foster parents (Resource Families) may have read all of the books pertaining to raising a foster child but usually, parents are not licensed professionals equipped to handle the many underlying issues that may arise. Play Therapy allows a foster child to speak to someone who has received extensive training and education that parents don’t have access to.

Guided and Fun Conversations

A licensed therapist who offers Play Therapy will be able to use the time well in being able to really get to some heavy issues that the child may be dealing with. Therapists have had classes and extensive continuing education in understanding the situations that many foster care children have experienced. Instead of having a parent ask pointed questions, therapists use other tactics to bring out issues that the child is dealing with. Play Therapy is used to help gain insight into the child’s mental process without always using verbal communication which can be very helpful when dealing with a child who is either non-verbal or shy.

Play Therapy is a fantastic option for foster care parents (Resource Families) who need a little bit of extra help in understanding their foster child. Children in foster care programs (resource programs) need some extra attention in helping to heal the hurts of their past. Contact Children First Foster Family Agency for help in finding a therapist that specializes in Play Therapy today.


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Author: Children First FFA

Published: September 27, 2018

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