Foster Parenting | Is Foster Parenting Worth The Pain?

Foster parenting can be one of the most worthwhile choices you can make during your adult life. However, there is a lot of work involved that can be very tedious and challenging. Foster parenting requires you to follow specific regulations to ensure that the foster child is properly cared for and is involved in an environment to promote growth.

One of the struggles that you must face when foster parenting is the constant inspections. You always need to be ready to open your home to officials that want to check the status of your foster children and your home environment. This can be a part of foster parenting that reminds you that you are always being observed.

Another tedious part of foster parenting is all of the paperwork and appointments. Proper paperwork needs to be filed at all times to keep an adequate history of your foster children. This helps when deciding plans for their future living arrangements. Along with the paperwork there are always appointments to attend with foster care officials, social workers and therapists. All of these appointments are in the best interest of the foster child but they can be very time consuming and possibly seem repetitive.

Ongoing training is another aspect of foster parenting that can be looked at as cumbersome. Training is needed so that you can keep up with the most current regulations and also to learn new methods to relate to your foster children. Training is a good thing but is just one more thing to add to your plate.

Even with all of these responsibilities, it is still very worth it when you can make a difference in the lives of children who truly need it. All of the paperwork and training is there to make you a better foster parent. When you can look into your foster child’s eyes and see that you have helped improve their quality of life, it makes all the extra work worth it.

If you are interested in possibly becoming foster parents, you should contact Children First FFA. They can help you gather more information so you can make an informed decision about foster parenting.

Author: Children First FFA

Published: February 13, 2019

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