Foster Parents | 3 Resources That Foster Parents Can Use

Foster parents are very selfless people that care deeply for children and want to help them succeed. Even though it can be very rewarding, being a foster parent can be very challenging as well. It is good to know that there are places you can turn for advice or fresh ideas to help your relationship with your foster children. Here are a few resources that foster parents can use to help them in their journey. 



Often foster children have a counselor that they are required to see to discuss the trauma they have dealt with in their young lives. The child’s counselor can also be a good resource for a foster parent. Since the counselor and the foster parent both have the child’s best interest in mind they can confer and share ideas with each other. Counselors may suggest ways to communicate that the foster parent can use at home.



A child’s teacher always has a unique perspective that can be very beneficial when trying to better relate to the child. A foster parent may struggle with the child at home but seek out the teacher to learn how the child bejaves in the school environment. Teachers may be able to answer pertinent questions that the foster parent may have regarding their foster child.


Foster Agency

One key resource that foster parents can use is the foster agency that they work through. If a foster parent is struggling to connect to their foster child, it may be a good idea to seek out the help of the foster agency. The agency has trained staff members that deal with these types of issues daily. They can help you feel less alone in this process.


If you have further questions about becoming a foster parent you can contact Children First Foster Family Agency.


Author: Children First FFA

Published: January 31, 2019

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