The goal of becoming parents is shared by millions of people across the country and around the world. This goal can be achieved in various ways, and one of them is to adopt a child. Sometimes, that means going through the foster system to work as a resource parent to open up the possibility of foster to adopt in California. If that’s a path that you would like to explore, the information below will be helpful. 

Some Basic Guidelines

In order for foster to adopt in California to become a possibility, you will first need to become approved to serve as a foster parent. The qualifications to do so aren’t particularly complicated, but there are a number of points you’ll need to check off along the way. As a starting point, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, pass a criminal background check, complete a home safety inspection, and have a regular source of income. If these points are addressed successfully, along with a few other things like a family evaluation, you may find that you are able to get approved for the foster system and can start to take placements in your home right away. 

The Orientation of the System

It’s critical for all potential foster parents to understand from the start that the goal of foster care is to reunify the child with their biological parent or parents if at all possible. Where foster to adopt in California will come into play is when reunification is not an option and the child needs another permanent home. In those cases – which make up roughly 50% of all foster cases – a child may become available for adoption and their foster family will be able to pursue that course of action, if desired. There is no guarantee that this outcome will ever become a possibility, or when it will be possible, but it does happen relatively often within foster care. 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, contact Children First Foster Family Agency or apply to become a resource parent

Children First FFA is a private, non-profit organization in Northern California that is dedicated to helping change lives by providing a safe place for children to heal in a culture of love, acceptance, and consistency.

Author: Children First FFA

Published: June 27, 2024

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