Foster to Adopt | Transitioning From Fostering to Adoption

Foster to Adopt | Many parents start out as foster parents before they decide that adoption is right for their family. Both roles are very important for children that have been removed from their biological parents. Some parents decide that foster parenting many children over the course of their lifetime is what is right for them, while others decide that adopting children permanently into their family better suits their life goals. Here are some reasons that parents go from fostering to permanency.


Child Has No Family

Sometimes children are placed in foster care because of tragic events that have occurred in their young lives. Some parents have died or gone to prison for a long time, leaving the child alone. Many of these children don’t have relatives that are willing to take on the responsibility of raising another child or children. As a foster parent’s relationship grows with the foster child, the foster parents may decide to make the status permanent through adoption.


Child Fits Well with the Family

Foster parents may have a child for a short term or long term, depending on the child’s situation and how well they adapt to the foster home. Some children adapt so well and become such a part of the family that the foster parents decide to adopt the child as a permanent part of their family.


A Deep Love and Need is Developed

Some foster parents decide to become foster parents, so they can help children but are unsure if they want children of their own. Sometimes a child is sent to a foster home for a temporary stay but ends up leaving a lasting impression on their foster parents. In this case, the foster parent may choose to transition from fostering to adoption.


After being foster parents, some decide that they would like to transition to become the adoptive parents of a child that they were previously fostering. There are varied reasons for this, but it can ultimately be a very rewarding decision for both the parents and the child. For more information on foster parenting or adoption you can contact Children First Foster Family Agency.


Author: Children First FFA

Published: December 18, 2018

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