How To Become A Foster Parent in California | Foster parenting is what you make of it. Ideally you will use it as a fulfilling way to help children become better versions of themselves. Although everyone’s experience is slightly different there are certain lessons that most foster parents learn to be true. Here are some of the learning experiences that are learned over the time of being a foster parent.


Learning patience

One experience I learned from foster parenting is that patience is very important. Often children transitioning to another home are confused and even scared. It is only natural for them to act out or try your patience. Being understanding will help you relate and experience a successful transition.


Learning adaptability

Another lesson I learned from foster parenting is that you need to be able to adapt your lifestyle according to your foster child’s needs. Often you will need to change your living environment or parenting techniques after you learn more about your foster child. If you do not adapt to your foster child’s needs it will be very hard to help them transition and grow.


Learning foster parenting is a process

The biggest thing I learned from foster parenting is that it is a process and always changing. You need to be willing to understand that there will be good days and bad days. Understanding that the overall goal is to provide a better lifestyle for your foster child is imperative.


Foster parenting is a very rewarding experience but requires a lot of work to be the best parent you can be. To learn more about foster parenting you can contact Children First Foster Family Agency. Children First FFA is a great resource that can answer all of your questions and offer suggestions to help with your foster parenting experience.

Author: Children First FFA

Published: April 10, 2019

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