Available Resources

Shasta County foster care and adoptive families help to make our community a better place by providing loving, safe and stable home environments to children in need. They couldn’t do this without obtaining the proper knowledge and support from local sources. Below are a list of regional and online resources to assist new and existing foster parents in successfully making a positive change in the lives of the children they’ve chosen to care for.



Explains the step-by-step process of transitioning from foster care to a permanent placement. From making the decision to actually legalizing it and everything that takes place in between, you will learn exactly what to expect when going through a foster adoption.



Children’s Rights is a national advocacy group that takes a stand for the betterment of the child welfare system and makes it their goal to emphasize the fact that every child placed in foster care has rights that pertain to the way they are taken care of. Here you can find a clear outline of just what those rights are.



Supplies state-by-state information regarding policies, services, forms, agencies and organizations related to foster care and foster adoption. Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent or adoptive family or looking for help with their current foster parenting situation is likely to find the information they’re looking for in this comprehensive website dedicated to ensuring the well-being of children.


North State Parent Magazine

A free monthly publication serving the North State looking to enrich the lives of families in these communities by supplying information on parenting education, local activities, youth and teen programs, etc.


Official Shasta County Website

Offers answers to commonly asked questions about foster care, including how to become a foster parent in Shasta County, the different types of foster parenting options and where to get the proper training.


Shasta College – Foster & Kinship Care Education Program

Free classes offered to foster parents and those providing kinship care in the community. Meant to enhance parenting skills, answer questions about the foster care system and teach specialized techniques needed to care for foster children that have experienced abuse and neglect.