For young people entering the world of adult living, there is a lot to learn. That’s an understatement, of course, as little about life as a child will prepare you for what it’s really like to make your own way as an adult. This challenge is particularly difficult to overcome for foster children who don’t have the advantage of looking to parents for guidance and advice. The Independent Living Program in Shasta County helps young people overcome this hurdle and get their adult life started in a positive direction.

Handling Money Properly

There are a variety of skills taught as part of the Independent Living Program in Shasta County, and money management is near the top of that list. It’s hard enough for young people in this situation to make money, but it can be even harder for them to manage that money properly. Without guidance and some valuable advice, money will be wasted and the individual will struggle to make ends meet. Understanding how important it is to manage money correctly can go a long way toward keeping these young people off the streets and on track toward a successful adult experience.

One of Many Services

The Independent Living Program in Shasta County is keenly aware of the importance of money management, and this skill is stressed as one of the key services offered. In addition, former foster youth in this program can also develop a stronger sense of self-worth, can seek out higher education, secure housing, and more. It’s the overall package that is provided by this program that allows it to make such a meaningful difference in the lives of kids that have grown up in the Shasta County foster care system. All young people who are eligible for the ILP in Shasta County should give this opportunity careful consideration.

If you are eligible for the transitional housing program and interested in learning more, apply now. If you want to become a mentor for the young adults in the THP program, contact Children First Foster Family Agency.

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Author: Children First FFA

Published: November 1, 2021

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