Growing up as a foster child is a major challenge. There are plenty of emotional challenges that come with this kind of childhood, not to mention the practical struggles that are associated with not having family support. Even if the foster system is able to provide a child with a safe and comfortable place to live until his or her 18th birthday, plenty of obstacles still remain. One way the system can help out those in this situation is through transitional housing. All foster children nearing their 18th birthday should understand the THP Plus requirements in Sacramento County so they can consider taking advantage of this program.

Some Basic Rules

The THP Plus requirements in Sacramento County are pretty simple and straightforward. For one thing, the individual must have turned 18 while in foster care, also known as ‘aging out’ of the foster care system. In addition to aging out, the individual considering transitional housing cannot be older than 21. Given the age limit of 21, it is important that former foster kids take advantage of this program quickly after they have turned 18. THP Plus has a lot to offer, but it is up to the individual to get started right away.

A Better Path

It is not uncommon for former foster children to wind up homeless soon after they have aged out of the system. This is the sad reality of the challenge that comes with turning 18 without the family support that many others enjoy. If you meet the THP Plus requirements in Sacramento County, you may be able to avoid the threat of homelessness while working to get your adult life established. Seeking education and finding employment is always a challenge, but it is made a little bit easier when you have a stable place to live.

If you are eligible for the transitional housing program and interested in learning more, apply now. If you want to become a mentor for the young adults in the THP program, contact Children First FFA.

Children First FFA is a private, non-profit organization in Northern California that is dedicated to helping change lives by providing a safe place for children to heal in a culture of love, acceptance, and consistency.

Author: Children First FFA

Published: November 1, 2020

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