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Transitional Housing Sutter County | Have I told you, this transitional housing program (THP) changes more lives than any other program I have participated in? That’s bold to say considering my 25 years of helping foster children.

Did you know that many of our participants come to us without knowing or having basic life skills? Some milestones they lack are graduating from high school, having a job, or knowing how to create or keep a budget. This is more common in former foster youth than we would like to realize. It is amazing how many of our participants have jumped right in. They complete their high school education, get a job, and sometimes buy a car!

Transitional Housing Sutter County Helps Youth Succeed

While these are great things, many participants also receive services. Participants sometimes struggle because of mental health issues, parenting, or relationship challenges. We are able to help many of your young adults become much more effective at living a healthy life.

Most of our youth make great progress in their first year with us. Though some of them may have challenges and hardships, we are able to support and guide them. This allows them to grow and learn from their experiences.

Providing Opportunities for Life-Altering Experiences

I am very proud of my staff who are available night and day and love these young people. In the past six months, we have taken our youth to colleges, visited businesses, and camped out at Mt. Lassen over the weekend. Traveling more, experiencing life, and overcoming challenges creates better lives. They will learn from these adventures in the long term!

I am energized by these youth and when I can, I go on trips with them. If you have placed a THP+ Foster Care youth with us, consider going on a trip with us! We would love to have you, and it is a great way to see the progress these young people are making.

Mike Logan

Founder & CEO


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Author: Children First FFA

Published: November 16, 2019

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