Being a foster parent is difficult. No matter the circumstances involved, serving as a foster parent – or resource parent – is a challenge that one takes on for the betterment of the children in the system and the community as a whole. For those with experience as foster parents, taking on the additional challenge and responsibility of serving as an Intensive Services Foster Parent might be worth a closer look. After going through ISFC training in Mt Shasta, CA, you will be prepared and qualified to help some of the most vulnerable young people in the system. 

A Team Effort in ISFC training in Mt Shasta, CA

There is no doubt that going through ISFC training in Mt Shasta, CA is a major commitment and one that signals you are willing to do the difficult work, but you won’t have to do that work alone. An important part of the ISFC program is the way the parents are supported from start to finish, to make sure they have the resources and help they need to serve these kids appropriately. This includes ongoing in-home support, case management, a higher monthly reimbursement rate, and more. 

A Better Option

Putting foster parents through ISFC training in Mt Shasta, CA and then leaving them alone to handle difficult situations with children who have higher level needs would not be a recipe for success. This is why the team-based approach is so important and can be so successful as an alternative to group-based residential treatment. With ISFC, the child gets the opportunity to form a relationship with dedicated and trained foster parents, and those parents have the chance to get the support and guidance they need to keep things running smoothly. It’s still not easy with a supportive, experienced team behind you, but it is far more likely to work out well for all involved when structured this way. 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, contact Children First Foster Family Agency or apply to become a resource parent

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Author: Children First FFA

Published: February 18, 2022

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