When you decide that you are interested in becoming a foster parent in Shasta County, it’s likely that you have one of two types of situations in mind. You may be thinking more about short-term care for foster children, helping them get through a rough patch before they are reunited with their families. That’s a great goal, and it is a different kind of work than providing longer-term care for a child who is unlikely to be reunited with family in the future. Both of these options are extremely important in the fostering system, and you should think about which is more appropriate for your situation.

Managing a Crisis

Becoming a Foster Parent in Shasta County And Providing Short Term Care With The Goal Of Reunification

For some children, a family crisis will mean they don’t have a safe place to live for a period of time. In those situations, having available foster parents in the community to serve those kids is hugely important. Becoming a foster parent in Shasta County means you can help in just these kinds of situations. It’s hard to express how important these kinds of people are for the health of a community as a whole, and for the life of a specific child.

Providing Long Term Stability And Support

Explore Foster To Adopt When Reunification Is Not Possible

Kids who have a particularly unsettled family life may never be able to be reunited after being taken into foster care. When that happens, the child will hopefully be placed with a foster family that plans on offering a long-term solution. Becoming a foster parent in Shasta County does provide the opportunity for the resource parent to give this kind of long-term stability to a child in Shasta County that has had no such thing to this point. Whether this turns into a foster to adoption situation, or just a long-term foster parenting arrangement, the impact on the child’s life cannot be overstated.

Becoming a Foster Parent in Shasta County

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, contact Children First Foster Family Agency or apply to become a resource parent.

Children First FFA is a private, non-profit organization in Northern California that is dedicated to helping change lives by providing a safe place for children to heal in a culture of love, acceptance, and consistency.

Author: Children First FFA

Published: August 3, 2019

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