Intensive Services Foster Care and (ISFC) | Every child is unique, whether they are in the foster care system or not. For those in foster care who need specialized care, intensive services are available to meet their needs. Whether those needs are healthcare-related or behavioral in nature, it’s important that each child is placed in an environment which will promote growth and well-being. 

When Standard Care Is Not Sufficient

For many foster children, living in a ‘standard’ resource home will be enough to stabilize their lives and help them get on the right track. In some cases, however, a typical foster care situation is just not going to work. When that’s the case, intensive services can step in to improve the outlook. Rather than receiving care only from the foster parents, those in the ISFC program will receive extra support from a treatment team, additional compensation and extended training. With these additional resources, positive outcomes are more likely than they would be otherwise. 

Qualified Care Team for Intensive Services

Those who are certified as intensive services foster parents are designated as such because of specific qualifications. For instance, these may be experienced resource parents who have dealt with a variety of situations and circumstances over the years. Or, it may be that the foster parent’s job makes them a great candidate in terms of caring for a child who needs intensive services. While there are additional qualifications to be designated as an ISFC foster parent, the core values of an intensive services foster parent are having an open heart and the desire to help others. 

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Author: Children First FFA

Published: October 17, 2019

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